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Meet the Team

Jeremy March 2017 (2).JPG

Jeremy Gendler 

Chief Engineer

Jeremy is a Mechanical Engineering graduate student. He interned at the University of Chicago Chemistry Department and is a veteran of the Israel Defense Forces Combat Engineering Corps.


Jacob Goodman 

Project Lead

Jacob is a Mechanical Engineering graduate student. He is a research assistant at Binghamton's Nano-Micro Thermal Laboratory and Acoustics Core and interned at Tri Technologies Machine and Fabrication Shop.


Eli Brown


Eli is a Mechanical Engineering graduate student. He is a TA for ME Programming and was president of the engineering club at his high school.


Naor Isak

Simulations Consultant

Naor graduated from Binghamton University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering in Spring 2021. He is now a design and analysis engineer at Boeing.


Orion Cummings


Orion is a junior majoring in computer science and math. He is the lead software designer for FTC Robotics and interned at UnitedLex as a unit test developer.


Tom Labbe


Tom is a fourth-year Mechanical Engineering student. He is also pursuing a graduate degree in Business Administration and completed an internship at Ratchetsoft.

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