About AeroBing

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Our Founding

In 2019, a group of friends dreamt of sending a rocket to space, so we founded a club and called ourselves AeroBing. We quickly grew beyond our charter members. We have since defined our mission as spreading aerospace education by sending a rocket beyond the boundary of space. We continue to operate as a student-run group supported by the university and affiliates, bringing in anyone sharing our passion for space. 


Research and Development

Facing the challenge of a lifetime, AeroBing has prepared to undertake hundreds of hours of research and development. The Ambition-III is a rocket built on the shoulders of giants. We have written multiple design reports and opened them to peer and faculty review for input. Extensive literature reviews and simulations have prepared the team for an active development phase. To gain hands-on experience, the team devoted their own funds to buying raw materials and software. We continue to learn every day. 

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Safety and Legality

AeroBing is committed to practicing rocketry safely and within the boundaries of the law. We work closely with our legal advisors, launch sites, and technical personnel to ensure safe practices in our organization and its operations. High power rocketry to space is regulated by the FAA and is legal for civilians. Our radio communications systems conform to FCC guidelines, operating on authorized bands. Our propellant (APCP) is explicitly excepted from the ATF's list of explosives. 


New York State Pride

Not only will the Ambition-III be the first New York amateur-built rocket to reach space, but it will also be the second university-built spaceworthy rocket. This is a major achievement for SUNY and the State of New York. We are very excited to continue Binghamton's rich history in the aerospace industry and develop a feasible means by which other students can obtain hands-on experience with rocketry and aerospace.