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How you can support AeroBing:

Directly support our SUNY Research Account
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Provide a Custom Support Package
Become a Tier 1 or 2 Supporter 

Custom Support Package

Working with us is a great opportunity for manufacturers to showcase their parts in action. Please contact Jeremy Gendler at contact@aerobing.com to learn about the various sub-systems and components in need of funding. Social media posts, website coverage, and technical memos will be devoted to this support. Our management team looks forward to finding opportunities that fit your budget and capabilities. 


Tier 1 and 2 Support Packages 

Tier 1: Supporters of $15,000+


1. Logo or text of choice featured on the rocket.

2. Standalone acknowledgment page with a logo or text in all AeroBing technical documentation.

3. Logo or text featured on the front cover of AeroBing technical documentation.

4. Logo or text featured on AeroBing’s website.

Rendering of Ambition-III mission patch on rocket body. Such decals are available to Tier 1 sponsors.

Tier 2: Supporters of $5,000+


1. Logo or text featured on AeroBing’s website

2. Shared acknowledgment page with a logo or text in all AeroBing technical documentation

Please contact Alex Blumenthal at contact@aerobing.com to become a Tier 1 or Tier 2 supporter or to make a charitable donation to this project.


How To Support AeroBing:


AeroBing offers two convenient ways to support this project, by mail-in check or online via PayPal. 

To support by check, please make checks out to "The Research Foundation for SUNY" and include "020 - 87840" in the memo line to ensure that funds reach AeroBing quickly.

          Please mail to: AeroBing Rocketry Research Group

                              120 Hawley Street

                              Binghamton, NY 13901

To support via PayPal, please click the button below:

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